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We stock a comprehensive range of sealants and adhesives for all surfaces, strengths,
high/low modulus, flexible, solvent free and much more.

General purpose sealants:

We stock several brands of general purpose and bath and sanitary silicone in a variety
colours. The general silicones are perfect frame sealant creating a waterproof barrier where
as our bath and sanitary silicone has added fungicidal properties making them perfect for
kitchen and bathroom use. Alternatively we also stock a heavy duty silicone remover that
comes as a kit including brush applicator and removal tool.

We stock decorators caulk, branded and an economy version. Decorators caulk is perfect for
quickly filling and smoothing small gaps, is quick drying, can be sanded and over painted.

Specialist sealants:

We stock more specialist sealants which can be used in all weather conditions, resist high
temperatures, seal lead as well as roof and gutter sealant.

General adhesives

General adhesives are a great way to seamlessly fix trims and finishing’s without the need
for traditional nails or screws. We stock a variety of adhesive ranging in strengths from
wood glues, industrial strength super glue to polymers which can stick polystyrene, lead,
glass, brick to almost any surface.

We have an extensive range of tapes including masking tape, low tack, frog tape, duct tape,
parcel, double sided, kleenedge, scrim, tape and drape, precision, aluminium and self-
adhesive lead free flashing.

Specialist adhesives

We also stock more specialist adhesives designed for specific or tough jobs. These include
contact, impact, chemical anchors, mitre fast bond, floor and tile adhesives

Main brands:

Araldite, Bostik, Cromar, CT1, Dow Corning, Everbuild, Evostick, Forever white, Frog tape,
Geocel, Gorilla tape, Granfix, Gripfill, HG (Hagasan), Kleenedge, Pinkgrip, Polycell, Sticks like
S**t, The Works.