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We have an extensive range of hand held tools for any job:


Brick bolster, chisels, crow and pry bar, Scrapers, tarpaulins, buckets, gas torches, nail
punch, rachets, socket sets, spanner, holesaws, clamps, files, hammers, Mallets, allen keys,
knives, chalk lines,line pins, plumb bob, pliers, cutters, saws, screwdrivers, tape measures,
ladders and trowels.


Scratching tools, putty knife, mixing paddles, trowels, floats and hawks.


Mitres, Planes, surform, pencils, gauges, sliding bevel, saws, combination and set squares.


Tile cutters, grout rakes, glass cutters, ceramic drill bits, floats, profile gauge, plumb bob,
squeegee, adhesive trowels, grout finisher and spreaders.


Pipe cutters, pipe slices, wrenches, pliers, manhole keys, stop cock keys, spanners, Hole-
saws, multi benders, soldering torches, flux brushes, soldering mat, radiator keys, gas box
keys and plungers.


Voltage tester, electrical screw drivers, wire cutting and stripping tools, moisture detector,
pliers and electrical screw driver.

Main brands:

Bahco, Blue spot, Dormer, Faithfull, Fisco, Gorilla, Irwin, Marshalltown, Monument, Ragni,
Rothenberger, Roughneck, Stabila, Stanley, Vaughan, Wera