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Durable lightweight, pushfit and solvent weld soil pipe for above ground. All pipes and
fittings are grey, black and white is available on request.
Socketed and plain pipe 82 and 110mm, sockets, bends, couplings, branches, brackets, boss
adaptors, reducers, access, vent cowl, air admittance valve, weathering slate.


Push fit and solvent weld, 32, 40 and 55mm
Plain ended pipe, bends, couplings, reducers, brackets, access cap


White 21.5mm bore overflow, pushfit or solvent weld.
Pipe 3 metre lengths, couplings, bends, tees, reducers, tank connectors,

Toilet pan connectors

Space saving, offset, plain ended pipe, extension connector

Main brands:

Hunter McAlpine, Multikwik .