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We stock a range of single and double convection radiators in varying widths and heights.
We also keep in stock a small range of towel rails, more designs and sizes by order. Radiator
valves and accessories also kept in stock.


We cater for both cold and hot water storage systems. We keep in store by law kits and a
limited number of cold water tanks. Larger cold water tanks and hot water cylinders are
available to order.


We keep boiler accessories in stock such as combi-filling loops, Immersion heaters,
thermostats, flue guard, timers, controls and thermocouples. Boilers are ordered in store by
special order.

Pumps and filters

We supply both shower- single and twin impeller and central heating pumps as well as
central heating filter systems.

Main brands:

Grundfos, Honeywell, Magnaclean, Monson, Salamander.