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We stock all the essential sundries needed for new suits to repairing pre-existing plumbing.
Some examples of the accessories are:

Sealants and consumables

PTFE tape, Denso tape, map gas, propane gas, leaded solder, lead free solder, washers,
jubilee clips, lubricants, wire wool, flux, inhibitors, cleaners, one shot, caustic soda, Leak
sealer, solvent cement, plumbers metal, tallow, milliput, hemp, olives and grease.


Washing machine hoses, Shower hoses, garden hoses, garden hose accessories, gas cooker
hoses in bayonet and micro-point.

Taps and sinks

Ceramic tap glands, tap conversion kits, braided tap connectors, plugs and plug chain.


Plastic seats, wooden seats, soft close seats, Seat hinges, close couple kits, toilet handles,
toilet paper holders, floats, ball valves and cistern fittings.

Pipe covers and tidies

Polyethylene pipe insulation 1 metre by 15/ 22/ 28mm, felt pipe lagging, chrome and white
rad-snaps, chrome and white pipe collars, masonry clips and talon clips.


Carbon monoxide alarms, smoke pellets and smoke matches.

Main brands:

Arctic spray, Boss, Denso, Deva, Fernox, Fluidmaster, Hagesan, La-co, LS-X, Sentinel,
Speedfit, Torbeck.