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All cable and sleeving is available to buy by the 50 and 100 metre drum or by the metre.

Twin and earth cable

Grey flat cable composed of a live, neutral and unsheathed earth in the middle.
We stock a range of sizes 1mm and 1.5mm predominantly used for lighting, 2.5mm mainly
used for mains and 6mm and 10mm principally used by electricians installing cookers and

3 core and earth

This cable is composed of two line wires, a neutral and an unsheathed earth wire. We stock
cable widths of 1mm and 1.5mm. This cable is used mostly for lighting where two switches
are operating a single light.

Earth cable

This cable has a single copper core with yellow and green sheathing. We stock cable widths
of 4, 10, 16mm this cable is mostly used for earthing mains electricity supply.

Heat resistant flex

This cable is available in 3 and 5 core composed of a live, neutral and earth wire all of which
an insulated and bound together in a heat resistant sheath. We stock this cable in widths of
0.75, 1, 1.5 , 2.5mm


This cable is composed of an inner copper wire surrounded but insulation and encased in
another layer of copper with white or black sleeving. This cable is predominantly used to
connect televisions. We also stock coax ends and Y splitters.

Shotgun cable

Two aerial cables either side of each other in an insulated sheath. Necessary for some
satellite services or if you need to aerial outlets.

Telephone cable

This is a white thin cable composed of pairs and cores. The number of pairs and cores ranges
from 2/4 to 6/12.

Speaker/ bell cable

This cable is composed of 79 strands of copper wire sheathed in a white sleeving. This cables
also come in 13 stranded called used for door chimes and bells.


We stock blue, brown and yellow and green earth sleeving in 2, 3 and 4mm.