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We keep a collection of wallpaper books ranging from textured, floral, patterned, children’s
to designer styles. Samples and wallpaper books are available to take home, so you can
match with your home furnishing and decide at your leisure. All wallpaper is ordered in
store to each customer’s to order. Our staff are happy to assist with advising coverage and
quantities of wallpaper required as well as any other technical questions surrounding
preparation and hanging.

We also stock lining paper and deluxe wood chip paper in a spectrum of grades from light
weight to heavy duty.

Want wallpaper but have freshly plastered walls or a damp problem? We stock Solvite wall
seal to stop the wallpaper absorbing the moisture from fresh plaster and Three in one Damp
Proof Foil Lining Paper with adhesive which creates a protective barrier to damp protecting
the paper from staining.

We have a variety of wallpaper adhesive both readymade and powered in a range of size.
We also stock a variety of wallpapering tools including pasting brushes, trim and edge tools,
smoother and steam wallpaper strippers.

Main brands:

Anderton, Anaglypta, Beeline, Coleman Bros, Dixons, Sanderson, Solvite, Wagner, Zoffany