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We stock an extensive range of decorating tools and accessories ranging from brushes,
rollers, scuttle, dust sheets, decorative tools and much, much more.

We stock brushes of all shapes and size, both synthetic and natural bristle, sold individually
or in value packs to accommodate any job. All our roller refills are 1.75” by 4”, 9”, 12” or 15”
and are in a variety of piles including short, long, heavy, solvent resistant and sheep skin.

Brushes and rollers:

Brushes natural bristle and synthetic
Masonry, shed and fence, pasting brushes
Artist brushes
4”, 9” 12” and 15” by 1.75” Roller sleeves
4”, 9” 12” and 15” by 1.75” Roller cages/ stick
Adaptor pole – telescopic and fixed
Roller trays, Paint kettles and scuttles
Fitch Brushes – Round and Flat (various sizes)


Masking tapes 1”, 1.5”, 2”, 3” + Low tack
Dust sheets – cotton twill, polythene backed (Various sizes)
Tarpaulins (Various sizes)
Scrapers and Filling knives (Various sizes)
Carpet and floor protector
Sandpaper/ wet and Dry (various Grit) sold per metre or 50m roll
Latex gloves M/ L/ XL
Stockinette roll
Sponges – Medium, Jumbo, Cellulose and abrasive on one side.

Clean up:

Rubble sacks
Brush cleaners
Sugar soap – Powdered, concentrated and ready made
Caustic Soda
Blue and white roll
Main Brands:
Barrentine, Brushmate, FFJ (Fit for the Job), Hamilton, Harris, Hippo, Kana, Polycell (Brush
cleaner), Prodec, Purdy.