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Breathable roofing membrane.

Strong, lightweight, breathable, waterproof under lay for roofs, available in rolls size 1m x 15m and 1m x 50m.

Shed felt.

Grey/ green mineral covered felt available in 1 metre x 10 metre rolls, torch on felt also available in 1m x 8m as well as under coat felt in 1metre x 16 metre.


We stock membranes for a variety of uses including heavy duty Black polythene membrane and light weight clear polythene membrane sold by the metre or in rolls. We also stock weed check membrane in 1m x 14m rolls, prefect for gardens and underneath decking.

Bitumen based paints

We stock a wide range of Bitumen based paints including: Black bitumen paint, Bitumen primer, Roof felt adhesive, All weather roof coat, Trowel mastic, Aluminium paint Cromaprufe and Cromapol. Most Bitumen based paints are available in 1lt, 2.5lt,5lt and 25lt.


We stock both lead and lead free self-adhesive flashing. We keep several grades of lead in 3 metre or 6 metre rolls. Lead is sold by weight and not necessarily by the roll. We also stock patination oil for removing unsightly stains and dressing tools for working the lead. All our lead free flashing is self-adhesive and comes in a variety of widths from 75mm to 600mm. Lead free flashing is grey in colour to mimic the more traditional lead flashing.

Damp proof membrane

We stock Polythene DPC in 30 metre rolls, sizes range from 100mm to 600mm.