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Plaster board: normal, moisture resistant, fire check, Sound deadening, insulated and Cement board.

Plaster board sizes:

  • 12.5mm – 8’ x 4’, 6’ x 3’ and 4’ x 2’
  • 9.5mm – 4’ x 3’.

Large quantities, tapered edge and unusual size can be sourced. Additional discount is applied for bulk orders.

Bags of plaster: Multifinish, One coat, Hardwall, Easi-fill, Bonding Coat, Bonding, Heat resistant plaster and Artex textured surface.

Plaster and render beads come in both plastic and galvanised steel in 2.4m lengths. Bead styles include: thincoat angle bead, Minimesh, Plaster stop bead, Bell cast bead, Render angle bead, render mesh and arch forming beads.

Stainless steel plaster beads are available by request.


We supply coving in widths of 100 and 127mm and in lengths of 3 metres, we also stock 5kg bags of coving adhesive.

Main brands:

Artex, Everbuild, Thistle