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Morris and McGinn was established in 1948 by Fred Morris and Douglas (Jock) McGinn. Fred and Jock met after the Second World War through the friendship between their wives Rene Morris and Eileen McGinn. Fred had secured a job as a Harris brush representative and found that his customers were struggling to acquire paint, as a large number of goods were in short supply after the war. Fred was unable to diversify so invited his good friend Jock to join him on the road and supply tradesmen with the additional goods they needed. After a couple years of trading the business became a limited company in 1952.
The business was embraced by the McGinn family with generations of McGinn’s including extended family members being employed in all aspects of the business.
In the early 1970’s Jock McGinn became the sole director as Fred left the business. Jocks first major decision was to relocate the main business to a larger location on the newly developed Broadmeadow Industrial estate. In 1976 Jock’s eldest son Ross joined thecompany as a junior sales assistant and after 4 years became director.
In 1984 Ross’s wife Sharon joined as company secretary and later became joint director in 2014. Their daughter Lindsay joined the firm in 2013 and has been instrumental in modernising in business.